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Product - P20 Energy Saver

BEBLEC's P..20 Energy Conservation Systems, is an effective technology that is capable of contributing tangible saving in lighting consumption. The focus has been to improve the efficiency of lighting and provide industries with the flexibility to consume desired energy without having to burn out.Suitable for all type of Industries, Software units, Hotels & Restaurants, Commercial complexes, Street Lightings etc.,

p..20 is designed to save in excess of 20% of electrical energy used for lighting  systems& optimise the consumption of electrical energy in discharge lamps. P-20 consists of an impedance coil with safety arrangement in a Steel sheet enclosure with MCB/MCCB for on-off, bypass and tap changing arrangementin auto (optional) and manual mode to meet specific system voltage requirements.

BEBLEC's P-20 provides the much needed intelligenceby introducing -

Impedance across the circuit so as to optimise the current flow and voltage todeliver maximum efficiency. Le. Power Input VIs Light Output. The product has been carefully designed to ensure that voltage reduction in no way impairs the luminaire to strike according to the system voltage.P-20 works effectively and efficiently on sodium and mercury vapour lamps as well, enhancing the opportunity for energy saving in relation to energy reductions brought about with the use of proportionately less energy.

P-20 is proven to reduce MO

BEBLEC'sP-20 devices are available for single and three phase environments and range from capacities between 4.5 KVA to 660.0 KVA

P-20 devices save 20% of the energy supplied to discharge lamps by improvingthe lamp efficiency.

If we were to consider an example, taking a rated Wattage of a 4-ft. fluorescentlamp it would translate to 40 Watts. However, if the Wattage were to be measured across the input of the lamp, it would consume about 55 Watts andthe lamp efficiency would be around 45 lumens per Watt of supplied power and a current flowof 0.4 Amps through the lamp.

P-20 can be wall or floormounted and can be installed indoors or outdoors

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P20 Energy Saver

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